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From:   B.S.  
Comment:   Funny Stuff  
From:   M.W.  
Comment:   It appears to me that you and anyone that helped you with this site needs to grow up.  You should be be ashamed of yourselves.  
From:   J.W.  
Comment:   Just wondering why you are feeling the need to bash Jefferson in your website?  
From:   V.G.  
Comment:   very entertaining!!!!  I look forward to updates & will check back often.....  
From:   L.W.  
Comment:   I LOVE IT!  You are a very talented person - whoever you are!  Thanks for the Jefferson humor.  
From:   J.W.  
Comment:   Hi.  I love your website. Very funny and brutally true! It does smack of involvement from "The Hebrew." Correct?  
From:   S.D.  
Comment:   This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a LONG time.