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Jefferson Iowa News FAQ section

Why are local sources not reporting the news I find on your web site?

A.-  Locally, the news entities in Greene County appear to be severely understaffed and under-funded. They lack the imaginative aggressiveness of the typical jeffersoniowanews reporter. While we strive to be on the cutting edge, they strive to print obituaries and chamber of commerce-driven articles.

Dunbar Slough is not really a park.

A. – Please resubmit your observations in question form.

Are the photos used on your website authentic?

A. – Yes.  The photo of Rick Morain has been slightly retouched; the antennae have been brushed out.

Is that really the mayor’s wife?

A. - The ex-mayor has yet to call and complain or correct us on that photo, and by the way, who cares?

Can I submit an article to the editors that I find may be of public interest?

A. – You can submit anything you like; whether or not it gets published is another question.

Where is Berizagg Blizmarraak from?

A. - According to Mr. Blizmaraak he is from "a town just South of here called None-of-your-damn-business."

Who are the actual editors of this web site?

A. - Although that is a very good question, unfortunately it has not been asked frequently enough to be addressed here. Please resubmit your query.