Rating Jefferson’s Restaurants                                                    



Larry’s Restaurant and Lounge                                                                                           

220 North Wilson Street in Jefferson – phone 515-386-5442

restaurant hours unavailable – bar open daily until 2AM

Comments: While I would admit that the food here is

OK, potential diners must realize that this is really

a tavern with a cook.


Lincolnway Grill

505 East Lincolnway in Jefferson – phone 515-386-4210

Open 11AM-9pm Monday – Thursday,

11AM-10PM Friday & Saturday, closed Sundays

Comments: While the Grill offers a surprisingly large

menu, during our visit they were unable to serve

the first two items we selected from it.

Editor's note - Lincolnway Grill is closed as of 02-09.

Additional Note - Re-opened  recently.


Peony Chinese Restaurant

101 East Lincolnway in Jefferson – phone 515-386-3928

Open 11AM-9PM Monday – Saturday, Closed Sundays

Comments: Features low-priced Chinese cuisine, and

domestic or oriental beer. While the menu is large

enough, the food was somewhat bland, and lacked the

spicy quality we were after.


Uptown Café

108 West State St in Jefferson – phone 515-386-4979

Open 6AM-3PM Mon – Thur, 6AM-8PM Wed – Sat, 7-2 Sun

Comments: This place was actually packed when we arrived,

although at age 50, you will be the youngest patron there.

Very inexpensive country-type menu. Lots to choose from.


Wet Goods Bar and Grill

113 North Chestnut in Jefferson – phone 515-386-2111

Bar open daily until 2AM, restaurant hours unknown

Comments: The menu is small and the bar is small, but if you

don’t mind eating in a tavern, the food is actually excellent.


Casa de Oro

1409 North Elm Street in Jefferson – phone 515-386-4877

Open daily; hours not available at posting time


Comments: Very friendly atmosphere; large menu of authentic       

Mexican dishes as well as several we did not recognize. Several

choices of cold Mexican beer available. Bar as well.