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Orville K. Bass

For Orville Bass, the Republican's love affair with Newt Gingrich is inexplicable and a recipe for failure. Click on the name or photo to read this editorial or to access the entire Orville Bass archives.

In Search of Bigfoot

Jefferson Iowa News' staff spent most of last week in search of Jefferson's most elusive resident - Bigfoot. Find out if we were successful! Click the title or photo to read this story.

The Abyss

Jefferson Iowa News' actual news and related stories are all chronologically archived at this site. Catch up on any information you may have missed, especially new site users!

Remember These Places? 

A rare and interesting look back on over 70 years of Jefferson retail ads, logos, and store facades. You may not remember all of these! There are currently over 100 photos in this feature.
Bigfoot Sightings
The latest bigfoot sightings in Iowa, as reported to authorities.
Updates, additions, and corrections to previous editions.
Jefferson Iowa novelties and mementos
A collection of memories from Jefferson's past.
The End of the World
December 21, 2012 is the date the world will end ...
Our Science Editor Replies
Vince Hawking has his own ideas on the subject ...
What Can You Do?
A guide for our readers in these problematic times ...
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